22 August 2010

Pierre Hermé's Infiniment Vanille Tart

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Pierre Hermé's Infiniment Vanille Tart

i've put off making this tart long enough and i'm finally glad i made it. having bookmarked this recipe for almost a year, each time i look at it i just feel like i don't hv the courage to go ahead coz i don't hv so many of the ingredients called for, things like titanium dioxide, tahitian and mexican vanilla beans as well as trimoline (inverted sugar) used for the biscuit cuillere (sponge fingers). in the end i decided to make do with whatever i hv and cut corners whenever possible and luckily for me, the tart turned out glorious still. so far i've used a couple of pierre herme's recipes, from the complicated ones like the emotion ispahan verrines and this vanilla tart to some of the basic recipes like candied citrus peel, pate sablee tart crust, choux pastry, passionfruit milk choc ganache for the mogador macaron etc, i must say his recipes are nothing short of amazing. it really makes me wonder - if my homemade renditions could be this good, what more for those coming out of his own hands, the picasso of pastry himself?

Pierre Hermé's Infiniment Vanille Tart

some of the essential ingredients i used for the tart - madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, nielsen massey vanilla bean paste, my homemade vanilla extract and rum.

Pierre Hermé's Infiniment Vanille Tart

components from the top : vanilla glaze, english vanilla mascarpone cream, sponge fingers soaked in a vanilla rum syrup, vanilla white choc ganache and pate sablee tart shell. not the most flattering pic but this tart made me go OMG. the mascarpone cream is so silky smooth i've never tasted anything like that! the overall taste is really good - crisp tart shell, sponge fingers perfumed with a vanilla rum syrup, creamy silky smooth custardy vanilla mascarpone cream and the glaze is so yum. i'm in vanilla heaven! definitely making this again. soon.

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.


Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

OMG!!! It looks divine. Wow, so this was what you were busy with huh? ;) The recipe looks like a very complicated science experiment and I got lost at point number 1. LOL. But hats off to you - you're amazing, amazing!!

Alice said...

This looks like a delicious way to open a bottle of homemade vanilla extract. Beautiful photos too.

lo said...

Congratulation! I also made this tartalets. You can see this here http://pistachio-lo.blogspot.com/2010/06/moje-kulinarne-wyzwanie-czyli-bardzo.html. Yours looks great.

Bertha said...

Me too have bookmarked this for the longest time but didn't have the courage to try for the same reason you had, a very long step and incomplete ingridients (the titanium dioxide seems to be the only one missing from my list :D). Your tart looks amazingly good, makes me salivating over my monitor now! I just hope you live closer to me :) , two big thumbs up for you.

bossacafez said...

you can just use the wilton white icing color, its made of titanium dioxide :)  yea i wish we live closer, then i can try all your professional looking and delicious cheesecakes and entremets too! haha

Chelle said...

oh i saw the recipe on kitchen musings last week when i was surfing the net for pierre herme's macarons. they look so awesome, but urs omg. it makes me want to reach into my comp. one mouth. just one mouth will do can??? haha. im motivated to make it myself too, but like bertha said, im missing ingredients (neutral glaze and titanium dioxide and vanilla paste). take me as your disciple leyyyy hahhaahah. ;)<span></span>

Honey @ honeyandsoy said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!! The tarts are beauuutiful!! Was it worth it?? It looks SO totally worth the effort! Agh how am I going to go to Spore and look for a place to hang out and eat when all I want to do is eat your leftovers?!! :)

Sharon Wee said...

yum yum yum! I love vanilla, can't wait to try this :)

thatcakeboy said...

The tart could aesthetically benefit from a smaller Vanilla Mascarpone disc; the glaze would usually add a millimeter or two depending on how the glaze is being applied. 

You got your hands on 100% titanium dioxide? I could only get at best, my hands on white cocoa butter colorant which is powdered titanium dioxide dissolved in a medium of cocoa butter. But good for you! you could use the excess for sun-blocking application. 

Adelina said...

Uhm.....Definitely looks beautiful, and I honestly wanted to lick my computer screen just starring at the pictures!  I am not sure I have the "courage" to make this though, not now really.  I don't even think I have the courage to try any of PH's recipe, with the exception of macaron maybe!  So glad you made this and so glad you posted about it!

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