05 October 2010

Anise & Orange Weekend Cake

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Anise Orange Cake

as i was browsing through my chinese cookbook collection, i came across this cake recipe which i found very enticing. a weekend cake, or gateau de voyage is a traditional french pound cake thats rich and buttery. i don't fancy butter/pound cakes much coz i find they use wayyyyy too much butter and take wayyyyy to long to bake. plus they're just too rustic for my liking. but perhaps its the lovely combination of spices, rum, nuts and candied peel in this one that makes me wanna go ahead... and there's just something really christmassy about it too.

Anise & Orange Weekend Cake

this is another cake i like and i'm glad it turned out nicely. despite it being a butter cake of sorts, its surprisingly light on the palate! i was expecting it to be really greasy but it wasn't. the crumbs were fine and texture is inbetween a banana bread and christmas fruitcake. definitely a keeper tho' i would be more generous with the spices, nuts & peel nx time. i glazed the top of the cake with a commercial fondant glaze but you can also do it with an icing sugar/water mixture. since the cake isn't too sweet to begin with, the glaze is a nice complement.

Candied Orange Peel

my precious stash of homemade candied orange peel, made using pierre herme's recipe. not sure if you can see the specks of vanilla bean but this is good stuff coz lotsa spices go into them and the aroma is unsurpassed. after making these i realize the storebought variety is crap, especially the ones found along the baking isle in supermarkets and in baking supplies store.

recipe source for anise orange cake : 精致蛋糕慕斯 by 上优文化

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.


Lace said...

i really love your pictures, especially the one for this post! everything looks so quaint and european countryside-ish :)

Girl Paraphernalia said...

I absolutely lurv the plating, the star anise striking a post next to an array of fragrant spices, the candied orange is singing to my taste-buds, I'd love to try making this recipe = )

Kaitlin said...

Absolutely beautiful as always! The parchment under the cakes is a lovely touch. 

I love pound cake, and I love those spices, so this sounds wonderful to me!

Pamela Willaims said...

Looks nice and yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will surely try this out.

Take the Cake Personality Test and find out which cake are you like. I have taken the test and have enjoyed a lot. Hope you too will enjoy it. Have Fun!!

Judy said...

Lovely cake with the colourful topping! Certainly looks and sounds christmassy!

Yuki said...

The cake looks so delicious and pretty~~ although i am not a big fan of anise =P

Yukes said...

Your cakes and pastries look fantastic. I am sure they taste as good as they look. I am looking to buy an oven and start learning baking. Any model of oven you would recommend?

Bo said...

This is absolutely amazing! with several sophistications, I'm going to bake this for tomorrow's foodbloghers meeting in my country :)
Thanks for beautiful inspiration!

Chenyze said...

whoa, sounds awesome! just wanted to check - when do you put in the candied orange? into the baking tin before you pour in the mixture? 

sorry, i'm a bit slow with such stuff x=<span> </span>
<span> </span>

bossacafez said...

omg you're not slow, i'm the one who forgot to include it!! my apologies and thx for pointing it out. you fold them together with the nuts :)

Chenyze said...

thank you! (=

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