29 April 2012


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it had been an intense week having to make around 500 macarons! as usual, here were some pics i took. flavors as shown here are pistachio, rose, lemon coconut & coffee.


macarons assortment.


all boxed up. i really like the window box, i wish the box was available in more sizes!


also had an order for baby shower, customer requested for this box.


pretty pink box. the ribbon really reminds me of ballet shoes!

Rilakkuma Macarons リラックママカロン

lastly, i had a request for rilakkuma macarons. i haven't made them before so i tried making a batch. they turned out not too bad but i need more practicing. just in case you don't know what/who rilakkuma is, its a japanese san-x bear character which is very popular now. i think its even more popular than hello kitty and its personally one of my favorite characters. i splurged on many of its merchandises like iphone covers, bento box, slippers, earphones and notebooks. by the way, they're not for sale yet.

i now have two huge bowls of leftover yolks, not sure what to do with them :-/
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